Back in the day home school was adventure and hands on learning, and while it still is today for lots of families, it has changed. Technology has come along and changed the way we live, play, and even learn. We now use computers, and devices and apps to aid us in our journey towards educated adulthood. And what is even more awesome is that we now use television for more than just a “movie day” at school. Live web streaming services like Prime, Hulu, Netflix, You Tube, and devices like Ipods, smart t.v.’s and roku sticks have revamped the landscape of today’s typical homeschool classroom.

The invention of the smart t.v. has revolutionized the way we do school. Smart t.v.’s have changed everything from the way we teach, to the way we explore our world. Now when we have times where our curriculum seems dry or boring we can tune in to a documentary or you tube video to enhance what we are already learning, and why not? With thousands of educators from around the world posting exciting and educational content to correlate with our lessons, we can utilize materials from even the furthest reaching places.

You tube and smart televisions have empowered us as parents to integrate some of the best content from around the globe at just the click of a button. We even have access to terrific parental controls to safe guard our little ones’ precious hearts. After all, the world is still the world and technology comes with certain risks and dangers, and if your child is patiently waiting for you to finish a lesson with a sibling they may tune in to a show on Netflix without your permission. Thank God for great parental controls!

When you log on to your facebook account you can join groups of home schooling moms and dads that have researched and previewed content. This already pre-screened material is then shared in a peer-sourced community. All you have to do is ask for a video, or movie that relates to you the lesson you plan to teach and helpful homeschoolers will race to find content to put at your fingertips. If you prefer you can access content through google, or by using the search feature on your favorite streaming service. There is never a topic left uncovered, and relevant videos are shared on every subject imaginable.

Whether you are a homeschool mom who needs to supplement something you’re learning in class, or a mother of a sick little on who is home from school, smart t.v.’s have changed the way you can live. Never again will your bored, or sick little one lay around watching cartoons and rotting their brain. Just plug them in to an educational documentary, or a funny science video. Don’t settle for dry text book work any longer. Tune in to your streaming service and get your homeschool mojo back!


Check out the links on our website to find links for great you tube channels, and a link to our you tube channel where you see our subscriptions and find out what we are watching in our homeschool. Would you like to find some great home school communities on facebook to be a part of? Just ask! We would love to share the best of what facebook, and the internet have to offer.