I don’t know about you but my kids absolutely love to do science experiments. They can’t seem to get enough when I pull out the Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers book. It’s like their hearts come alive when we engage with each other in an active learning experience. The reaction isn’t much different when I happily announce that it is art day and pull the construction paper and glue out. Kids love hands on activities, and they love parental interaction.

As a busy home making momma I often make excuses as to why I am too busy to participate in the science project that day, or the math games. I see their faces fall but duty calls! After all the dishes are piled up, there are baskets of laundry needing washed and dried, and not to mention the toilets need scrubbed. House work doesn’t stop just because they kiddos are bored and want to play-learn. Or does it?

Every mother is given an opportunity with each child to teach, train and instruct that child on a daily basis. We have such a treasure in each child, and we hold their fragile delicate hearts in our hands. Children love the activities but even more so the love the people that participate in the activities with them. I’ve often heard it said that kids don’t want our stuff, they want our attention, and I have found this to be ultimate truth.

Think back to when you were young.  Your 7th birthday came and went. What did you get as a present? Christmas the year you turned 12 what present did you receive? Can you even remember? I can’t. But I can remember the time my dad took us to a hot spring in Florida after a family reunion cook out I remember swinging from a big rope and landing in the water splashing him. I remember my mother driving me to my piano lessons and talking with me. I remember them coming to my soccer games and cheering like crazed lunatics! I remember the people and the emotions, not the things.

Moms and dads are the stuff that memories are made of. And teaching our children to value and place importance on relationships moreso than material things, or passing duty, is important. I want to be the kind of mom who has dishes in her sink, laundry stacked up, and unswept floors, but happy children. I want my kids to make happy memories with me in them.

Next time my little boy says “Mommy can we…” my answer will not be “No I have dishes.” My answer will be “yes” emphatically, “YES”. Let’s make memories.