School is almost here and moms are making their final preparations for the year. Books will be purchased and lesson plans will be written. Are you ready?

As a home school mom of nearly 15 years I can tell you that every year posed a unique challenge. Some years there would be gaps in my science curriculum. One year i had absolutely no literature prepared for my high-schooler; boy was that  a disaster. And I even remember a year that i realized my son who was in 8th grade at the time, could not write a coherent sentence because somehow I had overlooked composition as a valid subject to teach.

As moms we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best teacher, have the smartest children, and compete to win a prize that doesn’t exist. Yes we want our kids to be well educated, or at the top of their class, but often times we over look that it isn’t the “smartest” people who are happiest in life. And it isn’t the richest person, or the one with the best job who is fully satisfied in life either. Jobs, money, and smarts can all play a role in life satisfaction, don’t get me wrong. However it is the children who are well loved that grow up to be adults that are well balanced and emotionally stable.

This year as school approaches I plan to remember that it isn’t the grade that matters. If my 14 yr old cannot write a fluent high school quality essay its okay! If my 12 yr old isn’t taking that high school algebra class this year because he is burnt out on math even though he is a genius at it, ITS OKAY!

This year my kids will know the most important thing that they will ever learn from their mother. They will know they are loved. They will know that I lay aside all of my personal dreams and aspirations for my life daily to instruct, teach, and train them because of love. They will know that when I wake up every morning, as I quietly sip my coffee, I whisper a prayer over their day. They will know that it’s not about the grade, or the class, or the secret, never spoken of, elephant in the room contest to be the best or smartest.

This year my children will know my love and feel my gentle assurance that the most important things in life that you can learn do not come from a book, or a website, or a teacher. They come from warm hands that hold you when you cry, and soft lips that kiss away your tears. They come from smiles and hugs, and spontaneous dance parties in the living room. The most important things in life are learned in the school of relationship.

What will you teach your children this year? Leave a comment